NEO Blockchain Platform Opens Seattle Office Headed by Ex-Microsoft Exec

Chinese blockchain platform NEO is opening new offices in Seattle, through which it hopes to break into the U.S. market

Moscow Blockchain Cluster Needs Intellectual Property Mechanism, Says Expert

The upcoming Moscow-based blockchain innovation cluster needs a mechanism for assessing intellectual property, according to an expert

Report: Global Blockchain in Energy Utilities Market to Grow 60% by 2024

A recent report states that the blockchain in energy utilities market will grow 60 percent by 2024, reaching $3.46 billion

Apple Notes Blockchain Guidelines in Recent SEC Filing

A recent filing with the U.S. SEC shows that Apple has been involved with developing blockchain standards for mineral supply chains

Hyundai Commercial Partners With IBM to Accelerate Blockchain Development

A financial services subsidiary of leading South Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai has partnered with IBM to modernize its business model using blockchain

US FDA Looks to Blockchain Technology to Secure Drug Supply Chain

The American Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is launching a new pilot project in which participants of the US drug supply chain (e.g., manufacturers, repackagers and other stakeholders) can pilot the use of innovative and emerging approaches for enhanced tracking and verification of… Continue Reading →

HSBC exec says its blockchain project, which processes between 3,500 to 5,000 trades worth $350B a day, has cut foreign exchange trading costs by 25% (Tom Wilson/Reuters)

Tom Wilson / Reuters:HSBC exec says its blockchain project, which processes between 3,500 to 5,000 trades worth $350B a day, has cut foreign exchange trading costs by 25%  —  LONDON (Reuters) – HSBC has reduced the cost of settling foreign… Continue Reading →

Argo Blockchain Plans to Terminate Mining Contracts, Cut Costs by 35 Percent

Argo Blockchain is cutting costs and repurposing equipment in a bid to boost profitability

Russian Tech Giant, Blockchain Platform Sign Agreement to Improve Operational Systems

Russian state-owned tech giant and blockchain company sign cooperation agreement to improve state operational systems

Luxembourg Passes Blockchain Framework Bill Into Law

Luxembourg regulators have passed a bill that provides legal certainty to the circulation of securities on blockchains

Fairfax County Pension Funds Invested $21 Million in Blockchain Technology

The executive director at Fairfax County Retirement Systems clarified the terms of recent investments by county pensions in a blockchain venture capital fund

Messenger Giant Kakao Spent $57 Mln on New Tech, Including Blockchain, in Q4 2018

South Korean messaging app operator Kakao reported $57.5 million in operating expenses related to new technologies like blockchain and AI

IBM Blockchain CTO Joins Muirfield Investment Partners Real Estate Company

IBM Blockchain CTO Joins Private Equity Firm On Wednesday, Muirfield Investment Partners announced a new addition to its team. The new addition, Garl Singh, comes from IBM’s Blockchain team and is touted as an expert in the industry. His background… Continue Reading →

Top Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News in the Blockchain Space Today: Sept 12th [VIDEO] Recap

TimiHealth’s TimiDNA Blockchain Healthcare Service Allows for Genetic Data Opt-Out TimiHealth’s TimiDNA Blockchain Healthcare Service Allows for Genetic Data Opt-Out Hacker Exploits EOS Betting Platform DEOSBet by Winning the Jackpot 24x Consecutively Hacker Exploits EOS Betting Platform DEOSBet by Winning… Continue Reading →

Blockchain ICO Tokens Get Spotlight from New Korean Financial Watchdog Probes

Korean Financial Watchdog Probes Blockchain Companies Over ICO Activity The South Korean financial authorities are contacting many blockchain companies from the country as part of an effort to investigate Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in the country. According to reports from… Continue Reading →

What’s Happening the Past 24 Hours with Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto News [VIDEO]

Check out the Top Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News in the Last 24 Hours To Catch Up On Tokenization For Entrepreneurs: NASGO Wants To Be The Godaddy Of Blockchain Tokenization For Entrepreneurs: NASGO Wants To Be The Godaddy Of Blockchain… Continue Reading →

Splend Partners with Shanghai Code to Use Blockchain for China Cable Television Network

Silicon Valley-based Startup Partners with A Chinese-Based IT Company to develop ‘Next Generation Network” Based on the Blockchain Splend, a Silicon Valley-based startup, has announced an important partnership with a China-based IT company, Shanghai Code Center Industry, to develop “next… Continue Reading →

TimiHealth’s TimiDNA Blockchain Healthcare Service Allows for Genetic Data Opt-Out

TimiDNA Opts You out Until You Decide to Opt-in, Since it is Your Genetic Data Timicoin is a healthcare company based on the innovative technology. It recently announced the spreading out of TimiDNA platform which will be a full service… Continue Reading →

CEO Sandra Ro of Global Blockchain Business Shares Her Blockchain Opinions

Sandra Ro Shares Her Opinion on the Blockchain Sandra Ro, the CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council, has many interesting things to say about the blockchain and its impact on various industries. According to her, when she thinks about… Continue Reading →

Did Cocos-BCX Receive $40 Million in Funding for Blockchain Gaming Platform Expansion

Cocos-BCX Receives $40 million Funding to Expand Blockchain Gaming Platform Cocos-BCX, a blockchain game development platform, has reportedly received $40 million seed funding from leading blockchain companies and investors, including NEO Global Capital, 500 Startups, Binance Labs and many others…. Continue Reading →

Tim Draper Equates Buying Bitcoin into Jumpstarting a Blockchain Revolution in Society

Tim Draper Believes in the Transformative Potential of Blockchain Technology Tim Draper, a prominent California-based venture capital investor, claims that he wants to motivate superheroes to walk with him in his mission to revolutionize the world. Essentially, Tim sees the… Continue Reading →

Softbank Finishes Its Blockchain Proof of Concept Pilot For P2P Mobile Payments

Softbank Completes First Blockchain Test For Cross-Carrier Mobile Payments Platform Softbank Corp, a Japanese telecom giant, was recently able to complete its test for a blockchain proof of concept that was created to allow P2P mobile payment transactions to happen… Continue Reading →

CNBC Advancements TV Show with Ted Danson to Highlight VeChain Blockchain

CNBC’s ‘Advancements’ with Ted Danson will focus on VeChain in Next Episode CNBC, a major news broadcaster in the US, will shed light on VeChain is an upcoming episode of Advancements, which is hosted by Ted Danson. As part of… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Mining FAQ: Interesting Stats About The BTC Blockchain Ecosystem

How Many Bitcoins Are There? Probably Not As Many As You Think You’ve probably heard people talk about the total supply of bitcoin. Bitcoin has a total supply of 21 million bitcoins: there can never be more than 21 million… Continue Reading →

The Blockchain Association Lobbying Group Forms In Washington, DC Backed By Multiple Funds And Exchanges

According to a report in the Washington Post, there is a new organization that is working to lobby the lawmakers in Washington, DC. The group is made up of exchanges, startups, and blockchain funds, and they hope to work on… Continue Reading →

Wagerr Blockchain Betting Contracts Releases Mainnet With Gambling Functionality

Wagerr To Unveil Mainnet With Gambling Functionality Wagerr is a firm that makes use of the blockchain technology to execute gambling contracts. It announced yesterday that it will release its mainnet with gambling functionalities. This is as a result of… Continue Reading →

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