Cocos-BCX Receives $40 million Funding to Expand Blockchain Gaming Platform

Cocos-BCX, a blockchain game development platform, has reportedly received $40 million seed funding from leading blockchain companies and investors, including NEO Global Capital, 500 Startups, Binance Labs and many others.

Cocos-BCX is affiliated to Cocs2d-x, an open-source game development platform that is accredited with the creation of popular gaming tiles such as Angry Birds, Clash of Kings, Fight!, and Badlands. The enterprise is expected to use the money to expand its existing infrastructure and fast track the development of an upcoming gaming platform.

Speaking on the funding, Haozhi Chen, the founder of Cocos-BCX, said that the company is deeply entrenched into the gaming industry and has a detailed understanding of what gamers want. Moreover, the Cocos-BCX has knowledge of how to effectively deploy games across various blockchain networks and operating systems. Chen concluded by saying that the funding will assist the platform to improve the blockchain gaming industry by rolling out services in markets that were previously unserved.

As per Cocos-BCX, the financiers were motivated by the launch of the company’s demo earlier this year. Back then, the firm elaborated on various aspects of their platform, including in-game item generation, offline storage, transfer of an experimental virtual machine, and the CocosChain.

After the inauguration of the demo, Cocos-BCX’s staff has increased two-fold and the business has opened new outlets in San Francisco, Beijing, Tokyo, and Seoul. Also, the company has formed partnerships with several blockchain startups such as Loom, Nebulas, Cell Evolution and so on. Additional platforms are also being lined up and will be publicized in the coming days.

Richard Yang, a co-founder of Cocos-BCX, mentioned that constructing a novel blockchain platform is an expensive and lengthy process since it requires a backend engine, blockchain systems and most importantly, an integrated development environment.

In this regard, Richard lauded the entire Cocos-BCX community for their immense contribution towards the development of the gaming platform. He further added that the funding will play a critical role in the improvement of the Cocos-BCX platform and promoting the mass adoption of blockchain gaming.

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