IBM Blockchain CTO Joins Private Equity Firm

On Wednesday, Muirfield Investment Partners announced a new addition to its team. The new addition, Garl Singh, comes from IBM’s Blockchain team and is touted as an expert in the industry. His background entails positions such as chief technology officer and advisor. According to Muirfield, it hopes that the move will support its private equity investment by leveraging blockchain technology. Further, the company believes that Singh’s background and experience will help its business both over the long and short term.

Singh has had key roles in helping IBM become a leading company in the blockchain industry. IBM is one of the most active multi-national companies that is implementing and promoting distributed leger technology, which is an umbrella term that includes blockchain. Further, the company is known for filing several blockchain-related patent applications with the USPTO and further, it has partnered with many DLT-focused companies. As for Singh, he helped develop IBM’s core platform and IBM’s blockchain-as-a-service solution (BaaS).

Tom Zaccagnino, Muirfield’s founder stated:

“I am thrilled to have someone of Gari’s global stature involved in our initiative. Gari will no doubt bring tremendously valuable experience and perspective to the table for our initial blockchain efforts as well as future investments and initiatives that we plan to make in the blockchain space.”

In addition to Singh’s positions at IBM, he has been a leading contributor and maintainer of Hyperledger Fabric, which is an open-source blockchain solution that is aimed at enterprises. It providers developer tools so that then can build blockchain apps. Singh expressed his satisfaction at joining Muirfield, stating:

“What made me want to get involved with Muirfield is that they realize the value of using blockchain technology to drive significant improvements to the entire private equity industry, not just their business. They are not afraid to use new technology to transform their business and create value for their investors.”

Muirfield specializes in acquisition development, redevelopment, recap, buyout, and investment restructuring. It also plans to provide investors with higher levels of liquidity and to enhance alignment with investment managers.

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