Silicon Valley-based Startup Partners with A Chinese-Based IT Company to develop ‘Next Generation Network” Based on the Blockchain

Splend, a Silicon Valley-based startup, has announced an important partnership with a China-based IT company, Shanghai Code Center Industry, to develop “next generation” network infrastructure for the China Cable Television Network (CCTV).

According to the company’s press release, Shanghai Code Center Industry president, Mr. Quan Laisheng, noted that the adoption of cutting edge technology by Splend will enable faster transactions and significantly reduce costs. He said that:

“Through the adoption of Splend’s cutting edge technology, we are planning to build the next network infrastructure, which will overthrow the realities of the current network, enable faster transactions and dramatically reduce costs,”

This deal is Splend’s first in the country, and is an opportunity for the company to open up its wings and expand to other regions. In the press release, Splend noted that:

“It opens new, exciting opportunities for the company, as the strategic alliance with Shanghai Code Center Industry will ensure Splend continued increase in presence in the Asian region and cover new industries.”

Splend’s Integrated Blockchain Architecture Allows For Scaling The Blockchain’s Functionality

Since it was formed in 2016, Splend has been providing a cleaver system approach to allow for more secure and faster transactions, utilizing its own blockchain technology known as Blockchain Architecture (IBA). This technology allows scaling or partitioning the functionality of blockchain between hardware and software components, solving the existing limitations about latency and transaction speeds.

On August 20 the company blog has stated that IBA would be able to scale billions of users globally, guaranteeing “almost instantaneous transaction speed to achieve the optimal user experience.” And true to their words, the company has so far exceeded the current industry transactions per second (TPS) implementations offered by other similar vendors.

Splend’s Users Can Send Cryptocurrency through Its Crypto Wallet and IBA Telegram Bot

Splend’s users can send cryptocurrency easily and quickly through both IBA Telegram bot and its CryptoWallet. The system includes cross-platform functionalities, which means that users can send funds from any device, whether it’s from mobile phone, desktop or any other gadget.

When it comes to support, the company offers multi-language support functionality that’s fully compatible with Telegram, web browsers, Android, and iOS.

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